EBCS is a long term project started in 1998 while I was doing the plumbery and putting up the tiles in my bathroom. I had the idea to have the bathroom elements automatically controlled by a small system. It was just for fun, and for the interest in doing that.

This project depends on three others project that I started. First, I needed a C compiler, so I ported the GNU Development Chain for 68HC11. Second, I needed to burn an eprom, so I designed my own eprom programmer. A set of embedded libraries are necessary to simplify and help in the writing and design of the EBCS system. They are provided by the GNU Embedded Libraries for 68HC11 project. Well, all this explains why it took so long to get it in my bathroom (3 years!!!).

Aug 3, 2003 Analyzed the 68HC11 board failure. It was a cut connection to enable the RAM (CS line). EBCS works again and it was not software (I've never doubt about that :-)).
Jul 2, 2003 The 68HC11 board crashed and does not want to boot anymore. EBCS hardware is removed from the bathroom (sniff...).
Feb 24, 2002 Installation of EBCS v0.6 in the bathroom (compiled with GCC 3.0.3).
Jan 13, 2002 Installation of EBCS v0.5 in the bathroom (compiled with GCC 3.0.2).
Nov 24, 2001 Installation of EBCS v0.4 in the bathroom (compiled with GCC 3.0.2).
Aug 2001 Design EBCS software for controlling LCD panel and triac board, measuring temperature and humidity.
Jul 2001 Burn first Eprom for EBCS (not installed in bathroom yet).
Mai 2001 Made the EBCS sensor module.
Apr 2001 Design the EBCS Sensor module.
Sep 2000 Made the PPEP board.
Aug 2000 Design the PPEP to burn the 27256 EPROM of EBCS.
March 2000 Made the Power control, I/O board and LCD module.
Jan 2000 Design the EBCS LCD module with Eagle.
Dec 1999 Design the EBCS I/O board with Eagle.
Nov 1999 Design the EBCS Power control module with Eagle.
Mai 1999 Made the 68HC11 board, tested with bootstrap mode and 8K ram.
Apr 1999 Preliminary version of the C compiler, assembler, linker, debugger and simulator (arround GNU tools).
Nov 1999 Design of my 68HC11 board with Eagle.
Aug 1998 Preliminary idea to create EBCS arround a 68HC11 (need a board, sensors, a C compiler, ...)