I've designed a small 68HC11 board with Eagle. Since I'm using the GNU/Linux free version, I'm limited by a 8cm x 10cm board. The board contains:

  • A 68HC11 running at 8Mhz (512 byte eeprom, 256 byte ram),
  • A 27128/27256 eprom,
  • A 6264/62256 ram,
  • A 256 byte IO space mapped at 256 bytes boundaries,
  • A 2x25 expansion bus connector (D[0..7], A[0..15], IO[0..7], control signals, ...),
  • A 2x13 LCD/keyboard connector (LCD[0..6], KEYB[0..3]),
  • A 2x5 analog input connector (An[0..7], Vref).

This board is the core CPU of the Embedded Bathroom Control System.

68HC11 Board for EBCS