The Embedded Bathroom Control System is a small system based on a 68HC11 and designed to:

  • Control the bathroom fan,
  • Control the light,
  • Control the radio (ie, music),
  • Display the temperature, humidity, ...

This system has several hardware components:

  • A 68hc11 board with 32Kb of ROM and 32Kb of RAM. This board runs the EBCS software.
  • An LCD board which provides a 2x16 LCD display with 4 buttons.
  • A Power Control board which has a transformer and 2 triacs (one for fan and one for light).
  • A Sensor module which provides temperature, humidity and presence detection.
  • A I/O board connected to the CPU board. This is the interface with the sensors, the power control board and the LCD panel.

EBCS Hardware Design